We are a team of creative professionals driven by a desire to shake up the airline catering industry.

Having built strong relationships and a stable supply chain with a vast network of industry partners, we have made a big impact in a short space of time. Our inherent family values breathe through our friendly, joined-up, honest and reliable team. Our approach is one of partnership- truly understanding the needs of the customer. We are proud of our agile and naturally entrepreneurial approach and are constantly innovating to reflect global market trends within our food. For us, this is about building lasting and prosperous relationships.

Blue Sky World brings together our team’s heritage in specialised products and services, on-demand manufacturing of fresh food, frozen and pre-packaged goods Today, we source, create, and deliver high-quality convenience, transforming ideas into smart solutions through our wide range of products or services.

This world class food and service company focuses on tomorrow, what the organisation wants to become and delivering a sustainable future.


We manufacture to tight deadlines, often delivering on large orders within 24 hours, 365 days a year. Food safety and planning expertise are crucial in the production.

Only the human touch will do, we use people, our most important asset but when we need state-of-the-art technology to ensures best practice we embrace it and continuously innovate to ensure the highest of quality.


Being consistent in thought, speech and deed by upholding honesty, transparency, ethics and resoluteness in any condition.

Professionally working wholeheartedly in a smart and disciplined manner, being able to establish and build quality, cooperation in order to generate added values, with mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual openness and mutual benefit, Care for environment – Building and improving positive awareness on the significance of moral and social responsibilities, as well as creating a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for the sustainability of the Company and quality of community life.


Blue Sky World bridges the unique requirements of our customers and our manufacturers capabilities.

Close collaboration with many of the world’s leading airlines, combined with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and our strong manufacturing network, puts us in a unique position to develop and deliver the right product for each of our clients.


In recent years we’ve had to be very flexible working with our clients and sometimes working to a particular cost. This is the case when we are taking over from existing providers and need to replicate a specification.

We believe we specialise in this maximising the best for more ingredients allowing ourselves to work with amazing produce but given our clients the reassurance we are working within their budgets.